Puppet DevOps Conference 2013

Yesterday, the Puppet DevOps Conference 2013 took place in Berlin organized by the Puppet User Group Berlin. It's been a very interesting conference about Puppet with a lot of good talks.
The first two talks were held by Puppet Labs staff about community management and their online training material, of which they have quite a lot.
Data driven infrastructure by James Fryman was a very interesting talk about how to implement a feedback loop to increase the degree of automation. Amongst others, he mentioned an interesting tool: Hubot.
After that David Mytton showed in Puppet at the center of everything how Puppet is used at ServerDensity.
The worst code I ever wrote by Tomas Doran was really, really entertaining with lots of code examples about what not to do in code and how to improve it.
Workflow story - theory versus practice in Large Enterprises by Marcin Piebiak was about the problems large, old-school enterprises may have with using Puppet and how tackle them.
In Puppet and Hiera - managing external information Oliver Schad gave a good overview of Hiera and its possibilities.
Finally, I attended the workshop Managing Puppet using Foreman by Martin Alfke showing Foreman in a live test environment - very nice.

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