ErlangCamp 2013 Amsterdam

I first got in contact with Erlang, when we evaluated Riak which is written in Erlang for a project some years ago - and we had a quick look at its source code.
Nowadays, as distributed systems have become more and more common, Erlang sees some kind of revival. So, I decided to join ErlangCamp 2013 in Amsterdam to enhance my Erlang skills - actually, it was more of a fresh start with Erlang for me ...
This conference was mainly dedicated to beginners like me and started with a very good introduction into the core language concepts (pattern matching, recursion, list processing). The next talks were about OTP (behaviours, process supervision, gen_server etc.) and logging.
The second day started with an excellent introduction into distributed systems based on Erlang - that was some kind of enlightenment. Followed by a talk about testing with EUnit and QuickCheck (can be found on QuviQ's page), the conference concluded with a talk about releases and deployment, which I unfortunately missed, as I had to catch my train.
Overall the conference was definitely worth the money (Thanks to Spil Games for sponsoring and organizing this event!) - excellent talks, a good portion of hands-on coding and a lot of people around to ask for support. The sample code is available on GitHub.
Bring your own laptop and code some Erlang - and you get some nice stickers ... and a shirt.

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