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Last weekend FOSDEM 2012 took place at the area of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) - and it's been the first time I've been there. All in all it's been a great and well-organized conference with lots of interesting talks - unfortunately with many interesting ones in parallel ... so, I've missed a lot of them. Here are the talks I've attended.

  • On Saturday:
    • Ensuring uptime in a small startup: A good talk about some principles on how to ensure uptime during schema updates - based on PostgreSQL, but applies to any relational database.
    • An introduction to Ada 2005 and Ada 2012: A time shift back into my days at the university - at least concerning the presentation style: good didactics and very old-style slides. I've never coded in Ada. So, this talk gave me a rough introduction.
    • Why Java for Linux Applications?: A very personal talk about the speaker's learnings when trying to develop a GUI for an existing set of programs - and why he failed with C and Gtk+ ending up with Java and Swing.
    • Debian packaging for beginners: As I'm working a lot with RPM packaging and have never done packages for Debain-based systems so far, this talk was a good introduction for me.
    • Linux Containers and OpenVZ: Nothing really new for me, but a good overview of the current state and the upcoming features.
    • Garbage Collection Visualization, GCSpy and NetBeans in tandem: I expected a bit more hands-on, as I spent a lot of time on GC optimization for various JVM scenarios. But GCSpy seems to be a project worth looking at in the near future.
Winter impressions at the ULB area
Besides the talks there were many booths from a lot of vendors and organizations.
Beastie, the mascot of BSD operating systems

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