DevOpsDays Berlin 2017

It's a good tradition to attend DevOpsDays Berlin. 2 days with many talks, ignite talks, hands-on workshops and open space sessions. But this year I was a bit disappointed: less attendees than the years before, and also less interesting talks - at least to me ... I know, this is my personal point of view ... others might see it differently.
The following were the top talks to me:

  • Long-Lived Devops And The Pit Of Success by Jason Diller. Jason talked about the evolution of teams and technologies dealing with ongoing constant changes. He introduced how to measure the bus factor to gain visibility on orphaned technologies in business. My favorite quote: "Freedom until it hurts, standards until it works."
  • It's Not Continuous Delivery If You Can't Deploy Right Now by Ken Mugrage. He mentioned integration of performance & security testing within your build pipeline, canary deployments, feature toggles etc. among others. One of the points - every commit should be pushed to master - was quite controversial. But in the discussion afterwards, Ken put this into another perspective: merging your feature branch to master in short intervals is ok, too.
  • Encouraging A Culture Of Learning Across Your Organisation by Jenny Duckett. Jenny presented her motivation of preparing and running a security workshop although not being a security expert. She also showed how this has changed the culture within her organsiation.
  • In his ignite talk Ken Mugrage showed value stream mapping by example with getting a teenager doing the chores - absolutely entertaining.

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