MongoDB Training for Administrators

I've been to the "MongoDB Training for Administrators" in London on May, 5th and 6th. It's been held by Brendan McAdams, a software engineer at 10gen, the company behind MongoDB. The following topics were addressed:
  • Structures: DBs and collections.
  • DB representation within the filesystem.
  • Using the mongo shell.
  • Queries, operators, cursors and data manipulation.
  • Sorting, indexes and query optimizations.
  • Profiling.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Monitoring using different tools like mongostat and mongosniff.
  • Replication.
  • Sharding.
All in all, it's been a valuable training with labs and exercises, lots of discussions and tips and tricks. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for labs on sharding, but the following sketch has been developed during the discussion on sharding:

Here are some further references:

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